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Are commandos real and what are they?

Discussion dans 'Discussion libre' créé par johnbush, 27 Novembre 2018.

  1. johnbush


    I've never heard of a commando corp, are they the same as Army special forces like the Rangers, or are they diffirent? Slim Select Keto
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  2. Massin

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    Yes, commando is like special forces, from the British Army a the bigining.
    Our commando, in real life, was created during WW2 by a French Soldier (Phillipe Kieffer who comes from the French navy from Free France in UK) but trained by the British army. Then they take part on the D-Day also with the British army on Sword beach, And today there is allaways commando in French army. You can reconginize them by their green beret. French commandos are one of the best forces of the world with one of the hardest training in the world.
    I hope it will respond to your answers, you are welcome
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